How Chocolate Affects your oral health

Everyone likes chocolates. In general, we love the sweet sticky and sugar-filled taste of them. Right from the childhood days, we savour chocolates, candies, toffee and develop a fond taste for them. We never bother whether it will harm our teeth or gums. We just love eating them, in any shape and any form. However, like all sugary items, chocolates can be had for our oral health and we must understand that well.

Some studies however also light on health benefits of chocolates but that is an altogether different topic. Because, some of them are considered good for the heart but even they can be bad for our oral health. All the three types of them – dark, milk and white chocolates – can have some health benefits but the more sugar they have the more harmful then can be for your oral health.

  • Not all chocolates are harmful as some of them can affect the body’s health positively
  • Some of them are even good for oral health
  • While eating too much of then can definitely cause harm to oral health, they however can help with cognitive abilities
  • They can be good for your brain as some studies have proved

Let’s look at how chocolate types can harm your oral health –

Milk Chocolate is bad for your teeth

Yes, milk chocolates can be bad for your teeth. Even if them are most eat variety, it is better for you to stay away from them and save your oral health. They are more harmful in comparison to dark chocolates simply because the presence of more sugar in them. The sugar content in them in much more than those in the raw variety. You should also know that they are made from cocoa, sugar and powdered milk, and all of them can harm your teeth.

The composition of milk chocolate is dominantly of high sugar content which can lead to tooth decay and cavities. They have only one-third cocoa as the rest is sugar and milk, which can cause bacteria growth and acid formation in the mouth. And you know sugar is always bad for your teeth. So, stay away from milk chocolates and maintain your oral health.

Dark chocolate has less sugar and cause less harm to teeth

If the health of your teeth is a big concern, you should then eat only dark chocolates as they are not that bad for your oral health. In fact, some studies have found them helpful in fighting cavities, but more research is always better. And you must never rely on them to treat your cavities and rather always consult the dentist and get the best possible treatment. It’s believed that the chemicals present in these variety of chocolates can inhibit bacteria and organism in the oral cavity.

More so, the ingredients of dark chocolates can stop some types of sugar from converting into acid as the resultant acid is the reason why your enamel is always at a risk of erosion. In fact, the flavonoids in them are effective against fighting decay. Above all, they contain antioxidants whose presence in saliva can help fight gum disease and also deliver other health benefits as well.

What’s more, the sugar and milk content in them is only one-third part and the rest is cocoa, so this makes then less harmful for your oral health. You can then trust dark chocolates to satiate your cravings and keep the dental risks at minimum level.

Chocolates with proper oral care can minimize oral health risks

Even if you’re fond of chocolates and worried about your dental health, you can start giving more focus to oral care to keep the risks to minimum. It’s however always good to eat less sugar items, whether foods and drinks, but if you can’t, make sure your brush, floss and rinse the mouth properly and timely. The bacteria in your mouth can turn sugar into acid which is responsible for cavities and decay. And if your oral care is good, you can thus stop bacteria from staying in the mouth.

It’s good to have regular visit to the dentist and with twice-a-year oral check-up and dental cleanings, you can remove plaque and prevent tartar build up. You can also consult the dentist and know dental filling cost before undergoing the treatment for stopping the harms of cavities to spread further. The best thing you can do is to eat less sugary items including chocolates, give more care to your teeth and gums and all this will help you stay on top of your oral health.

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